Secular versus Gospel Music

Last night, during a phone conversation with a dear friend, we touched on the topic of Christians and secular music. As the call ended and I thought over the matter, a thought came to mind:
“I would rather my children listened to secular music from which they themselves can pick out the blatant contradictions to the truth we believe, than for them to listen to ‘gospel’ music that forms a mindset in the listener about God and about Christianity that is wrong.”

It has become common knowledge that we are a product of what we put into ourselves, whether in the physical realm (our bodies) or what we refer to as the ‘soulish’ realm (our minds).

Our Bodies:
What we feed our bodies produces what we see in our bodies and our state of physical health. Read more →

What Is Mine Is His

Sometime ago, I listened in on a discussion about the state of the education sector in Nigeria and it seemed to be the general consensus that before that sector asks for more funds to be allocated to it, the question needs to be asked and answered: “What did you do with what was given you?” I find it funny that we refer to the government like it’s setup of robots and not human beings that come from the same pool we (Nigerians) belong to. Whatever behaviour is displayed within the government is only a public manifestation of the behavioural flaws in us as a people.

What are you doing with what was given you? Read more →