Living without the worry of money

“The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.”(Psalm 23:1, NKJV)

I can’t speak for the multi-millionaires, but generally speaking, I don’t think anybody is immune to the worry of money. There are those times when money is running out way before your next salary or business income is due; or when there is a need greater that what you can afford, especially if it’s a dire need with a deadline. The natural reaction is to worry about it. Sleep goes out of the window and the wheels in the brain start working overtime trying to find a solution……trying to answer the question: “How can I get some money now?” Money is the unit of exchange on this side of Heaven, so the more we have of it the better off we are. Right? Wrong!

I guess the bigger question is: Is it really about (having) money or about having our needs met?
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Who Owes Who?

There seems to be a general mindset among some Christians that because we have ‘given our lives to Christ’, He owes us. And what does He owe us? Well, every desire of our heart, of course! It is a sense of entitlement that needs to be addressed.

Let’s be honest. What is the one thing we all are entitled to?

That’s right…. death. Why?

“For the wages of sin is death,….” (Romans 6:23)

Yet Somebody died in our place so we could have life and that more abundantly. It would seem to me, then, that we are the ones who owe God. Even in instances where a human being saves another from death by jumping into the street to knock them out of harm’s way or rescuing them from a burning house or vehicle, the one who was saved feels eternally grateful and at the service of the saviour. How much more should we feel eternally grateful and eternally at the service of Christ who saved us from death both here and hereafter.

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