About Gloryyah


My name is Gloria Udoh but my creative name is Gloryyah (same pronunciation, different spelling). I’m a lover of God who wants everyone to have an intimate relationship with God and live for Him.

My Bio

As a child, I loved singing and writing, especially writing poems. I sang right from primary school where I joined the school choir. It was in university, however, that I began to write serious poetry and snippets of songs. That was also the period of my life when I discovered three key things – the ministry in music, my love for (leading) worship and God’s incredible love. It’s ironic that I discovered just how much God loved me in the aftermath of being gang-raped on my way back home from choir practice, when I experienced God’s arms around me so tangibly in what I can only describe as a ‘blanket of love’ wrapped all around me. That experience set me on a path in pursuit of God beyond the religion and activities that we associate with Christianity; it also birthed in me a deep desire to see others come to love God with all their heart, mind and soul – not for what they can get from Him but simply for who He is. Yet it was a desire that remained hidden (even to me) for a number of years, during which time I went through several fires – the death of my brother, my father and my first husband – and was able to reaffirm that God’s love was dependable and real. In 2008, I jumped right into the assignments God had given me in 1999, carefully documented in a little notebook I have till date. I began recording my first worship album titled ‘Expressions of Love’ and also began laying plans for annual 2-hour worship sessions – ATMF (At The Master’s Feet). From that point, my goal in life became to raise true worshippers who realize that worship should be a lifestyle of surrender to God and not the songs we sing or the activities we participate in. This is the motivation behind my writing, singing, speaking, training and ATMF.


What my website is about

I am not talkative by nature, although I am open almost to a fault. If you were to catch me speaking passionately and extensively, though, I would most likely be speaking about worship (as a lifestyle or congregational) and the ministry of music, or defending the rights of women. I am grieved by the dearth of true worship and the loss of the ministry of music in an era when entertainment, show business and fame have taken over Christendom. On this site, I have an avenue to share both my music and my writing (blog) with the hope that either or both will create a hunger in the listener or reader for a deeper relationship with Christ…..a hunger and thirst for something more real than the superficial things that abound everywhere we go or look. My speaking/training/music ministration itinerary will also be shared on the site as these engagements come up, so anyone who would like to be a part of it can mark it on their calendar.

Who my website is for

I am persuaded that there are more people out there who are tired of the emptiness in the so-called ‘gospel music’ and are fed up with the noise we make in church services when we raise up unholy hands and offer God unacceptable worship. This site is for seekers like me……those seeking earnestly to express true worship to God that is acceptable to Him; those seeking to be ministers indeed of this precious gospel of our Lord Jesus; those seeking to be tasty salt and bright light in a world that desperately needs the savour and the illumination that leads them to the Way, the Truth and the Life. This website is for the pastor (shepherd) and the sheep; the choir director and choir member; the worship leader and worship team member; …the worshipper and aspiring worshipper.