My Trainings

In line with my vision to raise true worshipers, I train worship teams and music ministries. The core training is compulsory, while the others are add-ons and therefore optional.


The Worship ministry  [for worship teams/ministers]
>  Personal worship
>  Congregational worship
>  The worship minister – character/ethics, mindset, how to grow
>  Leading worship
>  Backing up for worship

• The Ministry of music  [for choirs/music ministers]
>  What the music ministry is
>  The purpose of the music ministry
>  The core of the music ministry – lyrics/lyrical study
>  The music minister – character/ethics, mindset, how to grow.


Techniques for effective ministry
>  Proper singing – posture, breathing, ad-libbing
>  Effective use of the microphone
>  Effective use of the stage
>  Communicating effectively – diction, expressiveness
>  Discipline – onstage and offstage

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