Introducing my new blog and website


Introducing my new blog and website

Blogging seems to be one of the current fads, right? Everybody who has something (or nothing) to say has a blog or something they call a blog. My natural inclination is to head in the opposite direction, to not do what everybody else is doing but guess what…..I have something to say and this is the best way to say it……for now.

So what do I have to say, you might ask.

There are so many churches and huge numbers of professing Christians, but Christ’s impact is not being felt in our homes, communities and nations. There is so much hype about gospel music and worship music, so much singing going on in our places of worship and even during our personal times of devotion but there seems to be a disconnect between all of that and our daily lives – our moment by moment life choices and decisions. We’re hearing the name of Jesus from scores of lips, but we’re not seeing Him living amongst us daily through His followers like we should. My deepest passion is to see worship move from the outward acts of raising hands, kneeling, singing songs and even crying to the inner, true worship of a surrendered will and bowed heart; to see more true worshippers arise to worship God in spirit and in truth as He desires; to see less of the talk and more of the walk.

Speaking of gospel music, I despair that the ministry of music is getting lost somewhere between the laudable attempt to produce high quality music and the unfortunate trend of trying to ‘do the music thing’ like those who have not made themselves accountable to God for the gift of music He has bestowed so generously on them.

These, dear reader, are the issues burning in my heart. I am hopeful that as I share my thoughts on different issues, the practicality of worship and the reality of God’s love for us and our reciprocal love for Him will come through.

If you are in love with God or you’d like to fall deeper in love with Him; if you’re tired of superficial Christianity and want to experience God’s reality in your everyday life; if you have been singing the songs without understanding or meaning every word; if you want to be or grow as a true worshipper……please subscribe and join me on this exciting journey into Christ-likeness.