Training at Central University

Training at Central University

On Saturday, November 25, 2017, I held a training session with 37 students of Central University, Miotso, Ghana. They were all either instrumentalists or members of the choir and/or praise & worship team. Due to all manner of delays on the road to Ghana and arriving later than anticipated, the training was slightly under 2 hours long and was divided into ‘The Music Ministry’ and ‘The Worship Ministry’. The feedback from the participants was most encouraging and gives me hope for the future of the Church in Africa…..if we can get more and more young ministers to get the right mindset and understanding about these ministries.

Please find below some of the feedback received:

What was particularly helpful about the training?

~ The aspect of structuring a song list and who a minister is. The state of the heart and the readiness before ministering a song.

~ Having a right heart with God is a very important factor in the gospel music ministry.

~ Meaning: The songs I sing must be scriptural. They must make meaning to you. If they make meaning to you, imagine how they would impact the people you’re leading. I’m an usher…..I must know where I’m going, where I’m taking God’s people.

~ I got to truly understand what worship really means and how walking with God in every aspect of life is worship.

~ That we should understand the meaning of what we sing and build up the sons of God to maturity and fruitfulness.

~ I got to know about the types of songs for worship and how to build a personal worship life; worship is not singing but a life.

~ I learnt that as a praise and worship minister, my ministry should be God-centred and should also build the people of God up. This training has helped draw my attention to that and will henceforth influence my motive for worshipping.

~ How I worship and my focus as a minister.

~ It opened my eyes to the understanding of worship, my place as a worship leader and my duty i.e. leading God’s people to worship.

~ The understanding I got about true worship and learning to put away pride.

~ Knowing the difference between thanksgiving, praise and worship.

How do you hope to change your music ministry and/or worship leading as a result of this training?

~ By allowing God to be the centre of my music.

~ By getting intimate with God and seeking to glorify Him.

~ By backing every song I sing with a scripture to enlighten me; understanding where to give thanksgiving, where to sing worship songs and where to sing praise songs when necessary.

~ By adopting the lyrical study and doing my best to live a life acceptable to God.

~ I will do a vivid lyrical study about every song before any ministration. I will seek to please only God during worship.

~ As a result of this training, I hope to allow the Holy Spirit to lead me when I am worshipping and not follow my emotions.

~ I hope to work on myself and my heart in understanding of who God is such that I may be full of Him and therefore be able to impact others.

~ Praying about my song list before ministrations and availing myself more to the Holy Spirit.

~ Having a more intimate relationship with God so it can reflect in my ministration. Asking God to know the specific purpose for my music ministry.

~ Make sure that whatever I am doing is for God and only Him.